Ann McLaughlin

Transformation Coach helps you make a difference

Building a world in which everyone thrives

Transformational & Empowerment Coach ~~ Trainer ~~ Speaker ~~ Writer ~~ Consultant

Transformation Coach helps you make a difference and the power of the people rising


I am a Transformational or Empowerment Coach…
but more I am a Change-Maker.


I turn your pain or pusillanimous pussyfooting to power.
I turn sh*t to gold.


I help you change and then change the world…
….move from problem to solution.
I teach people, organizations, communities…and next nations, I hope,
how to untangle and tackle problems.
Can we solve the challenges of our time? Yes, we can!

My transformational coaching helps you change the world

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about me

Ann McLaughlin, Transformational Coaching

Social Worker, by training.
Social Work = community organizing, empowerment, tackling poverty.
MSW (Masters in Social Work) from University of Washington
architect + builder
When rebuilt fixer-upper, learned how to build from the ground up.
See both big picture and how to make it happen.
Both visionary & practical.
Love people, kayaking, biking, mountaineering, swimming, reading.

For 20 years, I was a psychotherapist and social worker. I no longer work with psychological or mental health issues.  For the last 20 years, I have directed NGOabroad: International Careers & Volunteering –> I do international career counseling and custom fit international volunteers so they can make a deeper difference.  Grassroots consulting all over world.

Inspired to write books

In COVID lock down, I have written books about International Development. See The writing page.

World Change-Maker:
Build Skills in International
Development & Social Work

If you would like any of my services....please email.
I work with people all over the world by phone.

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Ann McLaughlin, Change-Maker to help you change the world

Washington state business license #: 602-728-358

Why 1. was taken. 2. People spell my name McGloff… 3. Email address easier for you. 

 I bought the above sculpture at a market in Ghana. Know the artist? If so, I will credit them and drive business to them.