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Transformational & Empowerment Coach ~~ Trainer ~~ Speaker ~~ Writer ~~ Consultant

Transformation Coach helps you make a difference and the power of the people rising

Lost and confused about how to make a difference? Want a life or career with more meaning and social impact? Want a purpose driven life but don’t know how? My transformational coaching & empowerment coaching are designed to help you rock the world. 

My transformational coaching helps you change the world

What is at stake? Everything. Do you hunger to help? Will you make a difference in this ever-changing world? We need you! 

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Can we solve the challenges of our time? ~ Yes, we can!

attitude + dream/ vision + practical action -> make things happen

As a transformational coach and an attitudinal coach I help you identify your strengths; revise any limiting attitudes or beliefs about what you are capable of doing; articulate your goals and dreams so you can aim your arrow; and strategize the steps to your goal so you can make a difference and you swim not sink in turbulent times.

I envision a world where everyone is thus empowered; and realizing their God-given gift and making a contribution.

architect + carpenter

I see both as an architect or the “big picture” – the patterns,  strengths, gaps and obstacles – and how to practically make things happen – hammer every nail.  I can help you do likewise.  Coaching and consulting are nailing the small steps which will change everything. 

I learned that anything is possible if done step by step and built from the ground up when I spent five years  gutting, designing and resurrecting a fixer-upper much like how we will rebuild your life and/or career.

about me

Ann McLaughlin, Transformational Coaching

solutions not problems

As a consultant, teacher, writer and transformation coach, I emphasize solutions not problems.  I only listen to the problem long enough to determine how it is wired and  what we have to tackle.  Then we untangle the problem and craft the solution.

I see potential and how to make it happen

help ordinary do extraordinary

I believe in people…and what they are capable of doing. I help ordinary people do extraordinary things.

Your story or your struggle often shapes the unique contribution you will make…and propels the change-maker you will become. Coaching helps with this very personal part of your unfolding.

from grassroots upwards

I am most fascinated by change that happens from the grassroots upwards. Thus I am a leadership coach and a social change coach. For the last 15 years, I have have directed  NGOabroad: International Volunteering and Careers to connect people’s skills to tackle humanity’s challenges. Thus, I am an empowerment coach helping people make a difference and change the world.  I have done much online career counseling – helping people into international development careers. I have learned the most from those who have the least about entrepreneurship and “makin’ somethin’ outa’ nothin’. 

For 20 years, I was a psychotherapist and social worker. Positive psychology, resilience and grit, and attitudinal healing  shaped my work. I no longer work with psychological or mental health issues. My MSW (Masters in Social Work) was a great launching pad.

I was moved to launch

....this service, contribute my vision and debut my books

I launched this transformational coaching service because  it is so urgently needed. I work with people throughout the world by phone.

In this  coronavirus lockdown, I have finished writing one book on international development and Thrive in Hard Times and an Ever Changing World. The writing page shows the arc of my thinking and my vision of how we must reinvent  ourselves and our world. 

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