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Change-Maker: Build Skills in International Development and Social Work

books on International Development: Build your Skills
Important word is BUILD

Many  people coming to me for career counseling at NGOabroad, are not prepared to enter international work.  One, they do not know the realities on the ground – how people live in remote villages or peri-urban slums. Two, they do not have the necessary skills; they have learned issues but not how to craft a solution. Most books are theoretical; this is very practical explaining HOW you create change in communities or nations, either internationally or in your home country. Published by McFarland Publishers in Jefferson, North Carolina. Get from McFarland here.

The People Rising vs The Authoritarians

Human potential and power are being born.

The Digital Age has displaced workers so they fear the future; authoritarians fan the fears. Computers, social media and smart phones have given ordinary citizens a way to  have a voice in matters which impact their daily lives. Humanity as an interconnected whole and human potential are being born. This birth process is loud and painful. I outline the psychological skills that can carry us through the turmoil and past the fears; and can help each person realize their “calling” and potential… their goals and dreams – thus turbo-charging social change.

Beyond Toppling Tyrants: Live Democracy

Transformation Coach helps you make a difference and harness the power of the people rising
Protests are the beginning...but not the end.

Droves of people coming to me at NGOabroad want to work with Syrian refugees to which I say, “Wouldn’t it be smarter to build a world where there are no Assads raining barrel bombs on their people?” Human rights abuses and refugees fleeing are symptoms of tyrannies.  Democracy building is the antidote. Vision and sustained practical action are required to prevent another tyrant from popping up. Tyrants want to keep the old order, and “the people” are clamoring for their needs to be heeded. This book outlines fresh, new political, economic and social strategies to build a nation and a world that works for all and responds to the needs of “the people.”

International Development: Brilliant Solutions
...Mostly Made in Asia, Africa & Latin America

books on International Development: Brilliant Solutions
Bangladesh is important model.

The World Bank did a “listening tour” and talked to 60,000 people in 23 countries about their priorities.  Rather than expatriates determining priorities, in Participatory Development,  the people themselves identify their needs and  craft the solutions. Let us listen to what they propose. I then point to stellar models which could be replicated:  literacy in India;  health in Bangladesh; economic empowerment and community development in Ghana; environmental solutions in Costa Rica and Bangladesh. If you have a hunger to help,  learn the ways you can create change in and from your home country.

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