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An exiled Cameroonian TV journalist colleague remarked, “Ann, I do not know anyone whose thinking is as broad and as deep as yours.” So you can count on these podcasts being both broad and deep!

I will be interviewing 
~ those who share this vision of building a world in which everyone thrives
~ life stories of ordinary people who have done extraordinary things
~ innovators and those who have launched local or international solutions
~ artists, musicians, comediennes capturing “the pulse of the planet”

Until we have podcasts on this page, here are some of those who have inspired me; who ceate solutions.

Racial Justice - Black Lives Matter - how can we transform America after George Floyd protests?

Click on the helpful or scathing articles or inspiring videos:

How to make this moment the turning point for change
by Barack Obama

Oprah Winfrey says you disrespect those who have died to get the right to vote, if you don’t. Hear 1st 15 minutes

North Philadelphia principal – very moving video about how she transformed a once broken school.

White People Please Stop Declaring Yourself Allies
…”You don’t get a badge of honor for dismantling the racist system you are complicit in…” by Ernst Owens

Reason for hope amid America’s racial unrest
Same as I see it, personal and social transformation is happening at the grassroots and local level.
Charlayne Hunter-Gault interviews David Brooks.

Trevor Noah; Great Britain is not so great! on colonialism

Abstract art does a better job than words of describing upsurge of energy and waves of change which podcasts will focus on
Abstract art does a better job than words at describing the present upsurge of energy.

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