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Brief Questions

INSTRUCTIONS: These questions are meant to save you money, They serve as an intake. Rather than you paying for an hour for me to get background information these brief questions are a less expensive option and save lots of wheel spinning in our initial communications. We gain traction sooner. 

Please  take just 9 minutes and breeze through the questions answering BRIEFLY in single words and phrases.
e.g. Skills? strong speaking & advocacy skills, community organizing, social media
e.g. Interests? videography, radio, live streaming, women’s rights, the men’s movement, poverty

Please just put answers to right of question – please do not number or put bullet points.

COPY AND PASTE the questions AND answers into the body of an email and COPY AND PASTE your resume below it – do not photograph or attach and email. Ideally keep emails to me on this thread – it is like a “chart” at the doctor’s. It’s how I keep track of everyone. If you do not have resume, a Bare Bones Basics is fine. Then I will call you and we can set up coaching session.  Please be watching for a call from 1-206-219-5562. If I miss you, please do not call back as I am likely on another call but pop me an email.


What inspires you to be a change-maker?
What causes are dear to your heart?
What are you looking for? How can I help you?

What are your skills?
Your interests?
Your strengths?
Your goals?

How would you describe your personality?
What are your faults?
How do you handle them?

What have you tried already?
How did you hear about

Your name?
Where were you born and raised?
Where do you live now? 
Phone number where I can reach you?
When can I catch you? Please give as big a window of time and as many windows as you can.

Please COPY AND PASTE your briefly answered questions and resume into the body of email to:

Ann McLaughlin, Change-Maker to help you change the world