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Resume Builder to get your foot in the door!

Resume builder, resume maker and cover letter services to help you get your foot in the door

Like a coach, I know what we need to do to help you win

1.  With my resume builder and resume maker services,
     learn how to write a resume that “struts your stuff”
     ….that “sings” rather than  being flat.

2. Learn how to write a compelling cover letter that grabs the employer.
     If you write a crummy cover letter, they will not even read your resume.
     Don’t miss the often neglected purpose of the cover letter, and thus the job.

3. If needed,  I can coach you to ace the interview.
     We practice & polish.  I am like a theater director, “Cut! Take it from the top!”

4. 15 years experience as resume maker and cover letter coach at NGOabroad.

Resume builder helps you win
Resume builder services help you win!

Resume Righter is better than Resume Writer

It is much less expensive to edit your attempts & coach you so you get both product & process of creating resume & cover letter. Many people tell me how much they have learned.  I help you build the skills that you will use all your life.

Like a coach,  I am both encouraging & honest about what leads to victory.  I bolster & help you build your skills.
We bat drafts of cover letter & resume back and forth, polishing them until they “sing”.

Affordable resume help

Resume, cover letter and interview coaching is $50/ hour.
For most people we spend ~3 hours to polish cover letter; 3 hours to polish resume.
This means that you spend ~ $150 for resume overhaul;  ~$150 on cover letter. 
Compare this to most resume makers who charge $375 to $500 for resume alone!

With all of our online Career Services, I work with people all over the world by phone, Skype, WhatsApp, Facetime or Zoom.

You pay via Paypal buttons on Payment page via button below.

My resume building services are based on coaching you.
My strength is as a coach & teacher.


Affordable Resume Maker: mother of two going into Public Health in Texas

“Ann’s fees are very low compared to others so affordable on our two-small-kids family budget. Her resume and cover letter services are worth every penny.  I learned so much! She really knows her stuff!”

Resume and Cover Letter Help: Ecuadorian Economics grad in Toronto

“I was in dire need of help to learn how to write a resume to apply for the perfect job that just opened up. Ann is an ace resume builder and coach: she helped me transform  my super dry, boring cover letter and resume to one where my skills were highlighted in a lively way. Aprendes mucho acerca de como debes resaltar de experiencia. La recomiendo 100%!”

If interested, please send BRIEFLY answered questions and resume COPY & PASTED into the body of email to:

Ann McLaughlin, Change-Maker to help you change the world