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The whole world is cracking open? and humanity will be born?

In these times, I see this uplift – as people who have been put down or held down are pushing out of what confines them.  It is a birthing process. Humanity as a whole is pushing to be born.

Can we solve the challenges of our time? ~ Yes, we can!

I speak on: how we actually create social change, social justice,  racial justice…the clash between authoritarian leaders and the people’s needs; …world poverty and inequalities. My aim is to help us do a better job of untangling and tackling societal challenges.  One of the ways to get an idea of what I am currently chewing on and shouting about are to read my books, recent blogs or articles I have written below. Speaking engagements can be arranged by emailing me at

Which world leaders actually care about their people in the covid crisis?

These four women lead people centered governments.

Why are people centered governments so important? People all over the world want governments that care about their needs and to be heard; people centered governments are the antidote to human rights abuses and refugee flows. These women show us how to lead.

Dismantling Racism: first step is changing white attitudes

& To Dismantle Racism we must sustain the activism

dismantling racism requires white attitudes to change and sustained activism

First step is white people must jettison the attitude that racism “is not my problem.”  I apply the the Stages of Change model to look at how we can change attitudes and behavior and decrease the misunderstandings. See article in The Medium.

Next step is to sustain the activism that the protests seeded. In The Medium  I propose tangible steps you can take. America is at a tipping point. We must continue to act.

Stepping Outside My "Silo": An Important Book on Poverty and Despair in Rural America

America has never been so divided. In my quest to understand the world and what I can do to improve it, I just wrote this article for The Medium: 

World Poverty: we have come so far...but have so much further to go

Helping people out of poverty is still the #1 priority in international development because 46% of the world lives on <$5/day. 3.4 billion people struggle to meet their basic needs.  The good news:  192,000 people are moving out of poverty per day. This article explores some of the attitudinal obstacles and brilliant solutions from all over the world.

Want to help Syrian refugees? Here are 3 ways you can help in the MENA region

The Syrian refugee crisis is the symptom…. we must address the disease… and disempower autocrats like Bashir Assad who drop barrel bombs on their people. Entrepreneurship, economic empowerment and small business skills are the antidote to the high unemployment which plagues the MENA regions and ignited the Arab Spring. See article.

Want to volunteer in Lebanon helping Syrian refugees? What do you know about Lebanon?

In no other place in the world have I gawked at the architecture. Beirut has earned the moniker “Paris of the Middle East.” Lebanon had its own civil war and recent revolution….read more here

How we, the privileged, must change ourselves to change the world

Ann McLaughlin, Transformation Coach to help you change the world

Sculpture – Raven and the First Men by Haida scupltor, Bill Reid. On display at the University of British Columbia, in Vancouver, Canada.