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Speaking about tranformation coaching
The whole world is cracking open? and humanity will be born?

In these times, I see this uplift – as people who have been put down or held down are pushing out of what confines them.  It is a birthing process. Humanity as a whole is pushing to be born.

Can we solve the challenges of our time? ~ Yes, we can!

I speak on: how we actually create social change, social justice,  racial justice…the clash between authoritarian leaders and the people’s needs; …world poverty and inequalities. My aim is to help us do a better job of untangling and tackling societal challenges.  One of the ways to get an idea of what I am currently chewing on and shouting about are to read my books, recent blogs or articles I have written below. Speaking engagements can be arranged by emailing me at

The Clash: Authoritarians
vs Rising People Power

What in the World is Going on?
Making Sense of World Events

Not fear the future but create it

How we, the privileged, must change to change the world

Ann McLaughlin, Change-Maker to help you change the world

Sculpture – Raven & the First Men by Haida sculptor, Bill Reid.
Displayed at University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada.