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Trainings to help develop your skills as a change-maker

Empowerment: How to Change the World or Make a Difference

Consulting to empower you to make a difference

People ask “how can I help?” in social justice or racial justice or to create positive change but do not know how.  This training is what many seek. We will discuss:

1. What are your own strengths, skills and interests? How can you leverage those?
2. How do you dissect a problem to then create solutions?
3. How do you shift focus from what you don’t want to what you do – create a positive vision? Negative focus will drain you; positive will energize you, inspire & attract others.
4. Then break that vision or  goal into bite-size action steps ….shift to practical, gritty reality.
5. What are your attitudes about yourself and what you think is possible? …about self confidence and leadership?… about how you approach a challenge?
6. How do you fit this in your life: as a career? Or in addition to another job and kids?… How do you pace yourself and recharge your batteries?

International Development & International Social Work

Training about International Development. and International Social Work

1. Learn what you actually do out in the field.
2. Learn how to do a Needs Assessment; what Capacity Building is; how to do Participatory Development and Community Organizing.
3. Learn the sectors which will open the most doors to jobs.
4. Examine attitudes which strengthen or thwart what you do.
5. Many focus on Syrian refugees. There are more jobs tackling poverty -1/2 the world lives on <$8/day so the most pressing need.

We need more women with moxie! ~ ( well suited for others who've been silenced or ignored)

Training with grassroots leaders

1. If you don’t have an attitude, get one!
2. When doubters say, “You can’t do that!”,  undeterred moxies retort, “Watch me!”
3.  Women or those marginalized often must overcome self-effacing attitudes.
4. I help with having a voice…or saying what you believe or have to contribute.
5. Once these are overcome,  then we uncover your calling and life purpose
6. Articulate your goals and dreams and how to realize them step-by-step.
7. This is empowerment – unleashing your power. 
Harnessing your purpose and passion is what propels you and changes the world.

Starting your own small business ~ can't find a job? then make a way to feed your family

Training about creating your own small business and entrepreneurship

1. Have you been spit from your job? Can’t find a new one? Create your own work!
2. Most jobs are in cities. Where does that leave rural America? Or where factories have closed in the Rust Belt? Or Appalachia and coal country?
3. Entrepreneurship is crucial to the revitalization of America and economic empowerment all over the world.  Open to people from any country.
4. Also great for one-person-shows: solopreneurs or sole proprietors.
5. I also offer small business coaching for more individualized help.

Ann McLaughln, Change-Maker to help you change the world