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Transformational & Empowerment Coach ~~ Trainer ~~ Speaker ~~ Writer ~~Consultant

North Carolina: single mother of four graduates to become a change-maker

 “Ann, as Transformation Coach, was life-affirming. An obvious transformation had occurred, one that had left me visibly shaken. As I sat left to process the eight pages of notes I had taken,  I was moved at my core by Ann’s insight and worldview.  She validated my vision and fine-tuned my mission while helping me thread the pieces of my life path.  I spent years uncertain and doubtful of my capabilities, with one consultation clarity of vision was achieved.”

My Transformational Coaching guides and equips you to make a difference

Do you want to be part of the solution and to create positive change?  As a transformation life coach, empowerment coach, and leadership coach, I help you transform yourself and then the world. As a social change coach, my coaching, classes and writing all equip you to direct these epochal changes and impact the world. 

Transformation Coach helps you make a difference and harness the power of the people rising

20 years experience helping people make a difference and change the world

As director at NGOabroad, most coming to me to volunteer abroad or work abroad want to make a difference. I provide volunteer opportunities which can build your skills and experience; or I provide the career counseling. Now, in addition, I work with the change-makers who want to help in their home community or country. 

20 years experience as Online Career Counselor + overhauling Cover Letters and Resumes.

I bring decades of online career coaching experience. Thus if you find that plum job opening, I can also help you craft and polish your cover letter and resume and role play so you ace the interview.


"You have a gift for understanding what each of us is looking for."

British Executive Director with 18 years experience

“Ann was super-helpful in talking through the career change options I was considering. She asked great questions and pushed me to think outside the box. Discussion with her brought useful insights and helped clarify the options available, making my decision about where to go next with my profession much easier.”

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A Canadian working in the UK said:

“Ann you taught me so much more about cover letter and resume writing than anything else I have ever been taught or learned online. Your resume services are incredibly helpful. Thank you!”

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Ann McLaughlin, Change-Maker to help you change the world